Feb 27

York goes to the Sheffield Re-Shuffle!


Once again, YUSWC descended on Sheffield for the annual Sheffield Shuffle held by SUSWC on the 12-14th Feb (Re-shuffled date as not to clash with fleet nationals). We attended in force, bringing three student teams (Black, Gold and White) and one Alumni team, the York Puds, who as we discovered have lost none of their talent despite their old age!

SheffShuff sleep

The worst kind of person

We set out from York on a mild Friday evening, the cars loaded with sailors and plenty of punch to keep them entertained on the journey there (thanks Becky!). We arrived with much the same punctuality as York White arrives with at the start line and settled into our halls. We then headed straight back out for an entertaining valentine’s night out at the Leadmill. Roses were in abundance, but love was not as two unscrupulous members of White locked their remaining teammates out of their accommodation (sorry guys!). Otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable night!

Four hours later we were being dragged out the door by our team captains to make our way to the Pennine sailing club. The winding journey there was anything but pleasant for our still-unsettled stomachs from the night before. This was soon resolved by a fantastic breakfast from the club caterers, which can also be said for every meal thereafter. Thanks guys!

Let the games begin!

SheffShuff Snow

Winter is coming

The York teams faced a full on day of racing. Black and Puds performed admirably, with Puds winning defeating all challengers bar one (Sheffield Spoons, another Alumni team) easily securing themselves a place in the Gold flight on Sunday. Black took a healthy number of wins and some good experience that they would make use of the next day. Gold and White struggled, with the highlight of White’s day being out on the water for an hour, waiting for an opposition boat to be replaced. At least they got to see in their first snow of the year!

If White and Gold did not have their minds on their race plan, they certainly had got their game plan together for the evening. The setting was Poptarts at the student union, which provided us with classic bangers – there ain’t no party like a S(ailing)-Club party! Our Disney dress-up was on point, as you can tell from the images below.

Another four hours of sleep and it was back to Pennine sailing club for the flight competitions. This saw York Black come top of its flight winning all their races. York Puds also did the same in the Gold flight, so both teams went through to the semi-final. Unfortunately they were pitted against one another, else we may have seen both teams make it to the finals! Puds took the race and found themselves up against Liverpool Blue. After two tight races Blue came out on top, winning 7-14 and 8-13. Well done to them, and well done to Puds and Black for getting into the top four! A fantastic result despite the horrendous conditions!

We’d like to extend our thanks to SUSWC for putting on such a well organised and enjoyable event, and we look forward to returning in November!

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More photos of the event (including actual sailing!) can be found on the SUSWC Facebook Page