Hey, Welcome to the windsurfing side of the club!

Beginner Windsurfing 

Every Saturday (and some Wednesdays) we go windsurfing with the sailors at the Beaver Reservoir. It’s a great place to learn as the water is only shoulder deep! Don’t worry if you haven’t got any kit – we have wetsuits, boots and windsurf kit ready for use!

We provide full tuition, which includes on-
land demonstrations as well as one-one tuition on the water. So if there is something you particularly want to learn – don’t hesitate to ask! Most importantly, we make sure we have a lot of fun! If the wind disappears, we tend to play games such as paddling on the boards pirate style, in attempt to commandeer the boats (sssh).

We try to fit as many windsurfing trips in before the end of November (basically until we stop feeling our feet), and then we begin sessions again around March. Of course, if you still want to windsurf throughout the winter, you are more than welcome! After sessions, we sometimes have a meal at the Charles pub or stop for fish and chips. In the warmer weeks we hold a monster BBQ (don’t be afraid, one of our members has a hygiene certificate)!
Furthermore, we have camping trips with the sailors (also planning to camp with some fellow northern uni  windsurfers – watch this space!) and go to student windsurfing events (SWA) around the country. These are great events for learning… and partying! Check out the upcoming events here:

Intermediate and Advanced Windsurfing

A few of us have created a phone system –  when it’s really windy, sometimes we just have to get out there!  We have had some great sessions in the past – including evening sails at Beaver res, and sessions on the sea (Fraisthorpe). We are also looking at doing a few trips to some of the bigger reservoirs – i.e. Grimwith for those choppy days! 
If you would like to know more about what we do, e-mail us at


SWA Windsurfing Events


SWA ( are amazing events that happen all year round! It is a fantastic opportunity to try out windsurfing!! Tickets cost usually around £15 for a full weekend – including kit hire, breakfast, pizza, party entry and all day windsurfing!! There’s always a big social side to the event, with celebrations on both Friday and Saturday nights. We encourage everyone to get involved, whether you’re a novice or season pro! Check out some of our blog entries below:
Extreme Windsurfing
Fair enough, none of us are that crazy, or good, but we can still dream. Here are a couple of videos of what the sport can lead to. If you are interested in progressing speak to one of us about the various wave, slalom and freestyle events we try to attend during the year.


See you on the water!