Aug 13

Welcome Back!

Welcome to YUSWC! Congratulations to all those who are going to be joining us at the University of York in October and who might be interested in joining us sailing and windsurfing! We run beginner and recreational sessions throughout the year as well as training for our team racing squads.

If you have prior sailing experience and think that you would like to be a part of one our team racing teams then we will be running pre-season training before term begins which we would love incoming freshers to attend – just email sailing@yusu.org if you’re interested!

If racing isn’t your thing then please feel free to email us at sailing@yusu.org or windsurfing@yusu.org and we will be happy to sign you up to our mailing list and send you a bit of info about what the beginners and recreational side of the club get up to. We offer all kit, so all you need is yourself and enthusiasm for something we hope you end up enjoying as much as we do!

YUSWC is a great club to be a part of open to everyone of all abilities, from those who wish to take part in dinghy sailing, yachting or windsurfing- we have lots to offer! Additionally we run fun socials weekly where we have the chance to spend time with each other out of our attractive looking wetsuits!! There are also events (competitive and non-competitive) throughout the year, and trips abroad!

We look forward to meeting you all! X