Getting On The Water

Here at York we do both team racing and recreational sailing.

For dinghy sailing we store our boats on a lake 45 minutes out of York where we train, practice and play around regularly throughout the year. We have  fireflies which both beginners and pros can take out, so whether you have experience or not you get to have a go!


We also go over to Scarborough Yacht Club to race and sail with members over there who are requiring crew. This is again open to all levels of ability.

Recreational Sailing

For information about the next Beginners/Recreational day, e-mail the club with your name and details of sailing or windsurfing experience, if you have any. Also, join the club mailing list here to make sure you’re updated with all the details.

Beginners/Recreational Days

These are a chance for anyone to come to the Lake and have some fun on the water. Anyone of any ability is welcome, we provide RYA qualified instructors, so you know you’re in safe hands. And for those who are more experienced, just come along and have some fun!

Beginner days usually run on Wednesday afternoons, Saturdays or Sundays, early in the Autumn term and again in the late Spring through Summer. Details are sent out to the club via e-mail so please sign up to the mailing list.

Here is a quick summary of the costs and what is included:
Full day of sailing/windsurfing organised by RYA qualified instructors, with full tuition if required.

  • Wetsuits
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Use of boats, boards and sails
  • Travel to and from campus (see map)

Each trip – an amazing £7 (or £12 for non-members)

By becoming a member you’re taking advantage of our ridiculously discounted prices (a day of sailing or windsurfing tuition will cost about £50-£60 privately… and we bet you don’t get lunch there!)


If you are interested in competing a team, please feel free to e-mail the club with your name and details of sailing experience, if you have any (none required!) Also, join the club mailing list here to make sure that you’re updated wiith all the essential information.

We are very excited about our fleet of 6 shiny brand new Firefly dinghies. Come and have a go in them!

Team Racing

Most of the competitions York enter are team racing events. This consists of two teams of three boats, with the aim being to ensure the boats on your team finish in the highest possible places – 1,2,3 as opposed to 4,5,6 – by (a) being fast and (b) using the rules to hinder the opposing team.

Team races are generally quite short (lasting minutes rather than hours), but they are aggressive, intense and exhilerating. Good boat-handling skill and sound tactical knowledge define a good team race. We have several experienced team racers at the club as well as the Race Captain. There are plenty of opportunities to learn the rules – and most people pick it up very quickly – even if you are a fairly inexperienced sailor.

For any beginners interested in racing, just come and have a go! At least 3-4 team members each year are complete beginners and all it takes is an enthusiastic attitude and an open mind!


This is our annual must-win fixture of the year against the University of Lancaster, as part of the wider Varsity tournament  We have a strong record in this event – our  firsts have won most of their races, contributing 4 points for York.