The Committee

Who are we and what do we get up to?

We’re a friendly and open student-run club that is involved in all levels of sailing and windsurfing. From team racing events at other universities to attending big windsurfing events, like Aussie Kiss, we cater to all abilities and are always up trying new events. YUSWC gives it’s members the opportunities to learn or improve their abilities within a fun and friendly atmosphere, importantly gives people a chance to escape campus to relax.

If you want to get involved don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’re also on facebook.

YUSWC Committee –  2017 to 2018

Like all student societies YUSWC has a team of dedicated people who help run the club…

Commodore/ President: David Fincham

Vice-commodore/ Vice President: Molly Hope

Treasurer: James Budden

Sailing race captain: Sarah Graham

Windsurf captain: Gabriele Vilkaite

Yachting captain: Alex Robson & Alex Gibson

Bosun: Edward Mayley

Beginners and Rec officer (interim): Molly Hope & Saskia Botterell

Social secs: Bea Greenwood & Kitty Harker

Webmaster and communications officer: Nicholas Dove

Sponsorship officer (interim): Harmen Kölln

Merch officer (interim): David Fincham

This site is maintained by YUSWC.

Any questions, comments or feedback please get in touch: